Articles & Contributions

Below are pieces of my work that have appeared in other places:

Q&A with SKL

Nothing says “versatile” as well as a writer whose resume can boast magazine and newspaper journalist, columnist, editor and novelist. This resume belongs to Sarah-Kate Lynch. With her eighth novel The Wedding Bees due out in April this year (in New Zealand and Australia, and 2014 internationally), I ask her about how she became a writer, what her writing life is like and glean some tips for aspirant writers.

Film Review: Snow White & The Huntsman  – published on Gloss

snow whit


Cultivating the Future: A Tribute to Marion Spicer – published on Happyzine

Sometimes you come across a truly inspiring person and then you can count yourself lucky. My lucky break came when I first met Marion Spicer who works in South Auckland as the Family Learning Centre Manager for Iosis Family Solutions, an agency that works with families with multiple and complex issues. She has worked with young people including young parents for nearly 20 years.

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