Melissa’s Review of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Rating: ★★★☆☆ – very good!

Wow. I had to decompress for a few days before I could think what to write about The Night Circus.the night circus

The story centers on a game between two very old magicians that catches many extraordinary people in their net. The venue is a most spectacular circus with dazzling affects that draws committed followers from all over the world.

Intertwining the stories of Celia, Marcus, Widget, Poppet, a clockmaker and the boy who can save the circus, Morgenstern builds to a shocking climax. While some of the characters are better developed than others, most of their emotions are somewhat soft. Some of the characters are left hanging. It isn’t really clear to me why Marcus is chosen among the other boys at the orphanage, or why the boy who can save the circus is the one. The magic isn’t explained, only that it must appear as an illusion so as not to upset the normal people.

The descriptions of the different elements of the circus are fantastical. I am unsure how the normal people are supposed to ascertain the illusion in some of the tents, like the one where you jump from high up and miraculously land. But it is just the sort of circus I would like to visit.

This story tends towards the literary style, without alienating the audience, much like Audrey Niffenegger – who writes high praise for this book. This book is very much plot driven, with the mystery pulling you through the immense description. Morgenstern is a magical storyteller, the way she weaves words and stories is beautiful. She is truly talented.


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