Luke’s Dare You To Review

Dare You To

Dare You To follows Beth, who first appeared as a minor character in Pushing the Limits (review here), as she overcomes the obstacle of learning how to trust—not just in others but herself. It also follows Ryan as he risks everything for Beth, who won’t let him get too close.

“You’re a lot like that bird in the barn. You’re so scared that you’re going to be caged in forever you can’t see the way out. You smack yourself against the wall again and again and again. The door is open, Beth. Stop running in circles and walk out.”

—Ryan to Beth

Both Beth and Ryan have their struggles. Beth finds it difficult to trust as when she was younger, her father walked out on her and her mother. Also, her uncle, who was in his late teens at the time, said he’d come back for her, but he hadn’t. Instead, she had to fend for herself and her mother, who remains a wreck since Beth’s father left.

There is tension in Ryan’s family, as well. His brother walked away after coming out to the family. It’s mainly because of the father’s reaction—which wasn’t good. Also, he doesn’t know what he wants. Does he want to play ball? Does he want to go to college? His father wants the former. His English teacher wants the latter, because of his creative writing skills.

The struggles Beth and Ryan have together involved learning to trust one another and falling in love. My favourite part is the ending, but my lips are sealed.

In Pushing the Limits, Beth wasn’t a likable character. She didn’t react so positively when Echo came into Noah’s life. However, in Dare You To, I completely understand why she’s the way she is. Ryan is a great character himself. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks when he risks everything for Beth.

Overall, Dare You To was awesome! The writing style was brilliant, just like Pushing the Limits. It was different because it was written in first person present tense rather than past tense, and I love present tense a lot! Katie McGarry has impressed me yet again. I can’t wait to read Crash Into You, Isaiah’s story.


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