Melissa’s Review of The Wedding Bees, by Sarah-Kate Lynch

I’ve been reading a most scrumptious book! Sarah-Kate Lynch, a Kiwi novelist, has produced another delicious story full of unconventional characters – this one includes snippets from the point of view of a queen the wedding beesbee!

Sugar Wallace arrives in Manhattan with a bang, instantly generating chemistry with a loud shirt wearing man with a cellphone attached to his ear. The Wedding Bees begins when Sugar moves into a building at 33 Flores Street that is full of discontented tenants with all her worldly possessions – that includes a beehive. From the first page, we notice Sugar’s cheery disposition, love of manners and ability to acquire friends. She sets about fixing the lives of those around her while trying to hide her own hurting heart.

Honey and other foods take a centre stage in this book, as is Lynch’s trademark. The research into beekeeping and honey making is evident. My honey consumption tripled while reading this book!

I was hooked from the first time I opened the crisp new cover. Lynch writes with fresh, pithy description and takes the time to set scenes in a distinctive voice.

The relationship between Sugar and Ruby, a young woman suffering from anorexia, is compassionately drawn, without veiling the harsh truth of the disease. One particular quote illustrates Lynch’s distinctive voice when Ruby asks Sugar what love is like:

“Most of the time you feel like you ate a bowlful of bad shrimp. Your head tries to tell you one thing but your body has a whole different take on it. It’s like being on a runaway rollercoaster with a belly full of barbeque.” p159

This was a very sweet book with a gorgeous ending. Lynch’s humour, knack for setting a scene and deliciously odd characters swept me away again. You can imagine my excitement when I read on her sporadic blog that she has written another book! Heavenly Hirani’s School of Laughing Yoga is in its first draft stage! So I am now eagerly awaiting that.


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