Melissa’s July 2013 Reading Round-Up


Happy August! For us (in New Zealand) it is the last month of winter to endure, so it is rather cold, but I am convinced I can smell spring!

How to Read like a Literature Professor
, by Thomas C. Foster

I don’t know if it is the English Literature graduate in me, but I love books about reading. I often take away a few additions to my to-read list, which I have no hope of ever getting to the bottom of. Foster has written a very fun, easily accessible guide to understanding literature. I’m keen to read his other book, Reading Novels like a Professor.

The Fibromyalgia Nutrition Guide, by Mary M Moeller & Dr Joe Elrod

This book outlines the ideal meal plan for those struggling with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and other chronic illnesses. In fuss-free terms, it describes useful foods, including medicinal herbs and advises a way of eating to fuel a tired body. There’s also plenty of recipes.


Typically, I don’t include magazines, but this month I have gone overboard. I have found the way to order magazines from the library catalogue, before they even come out! This month I have had Writer’s Digest from May/June, July/August, and September; Elle from May; Vanity Fair from April; and Next from July. It is very exciting.

zelda fitzgerald

Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald, by Therese Anne Fowler

Fowler has created a convincing interpretation of what could have been the story of Zelda Fitzgerald. One of wasted potential, of being misunderstood, of embodying the culture of the Jazz Age. A beautiful, engrossing and lyrical read.

I have already made a jump start on my August reading list. I finally have my hands on The Wedding Bees (see my interview with Sarah-Kate Lynch earlier this year here); my reading group has agreed on a Lee Child book–something different (!); and I have Lean In on the pile.


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