Luke’s Goddess by Josephine Angelini Review

“She must rise, or they will fall”

UK cover (Macmillan Children’s Books)

Helen must find a way to re-imprison the gods when they are accidentally unleashed from Olympus. Along with this, fingers point to Orion when the Oracle warns that a diabolical Tyrant is lurking among them. And Helen is forced to make a terrifying decision—for the war approaches.

“My whole life I’ve wondered what it feels like to be loved like that. To be loved more.” 

—Orion to Helen

When I picked up Goddess from the library, it was hard not to start reading it. So…that is exactly what I did…despite all the books that needed to go back before it.

It continues from where Dreamless ended, after the battle against Automedon—who appeared in Homer’s Iliad, which is, by the way, on my to-read list on Goodreads now. Helen, Lucas, and Orion released the gods from their captivity in Olympus after becoming “Blood Brothers” at the end of Dreamless.

I loved the flashbacks of Troy and Camelot. Helen remembers the memories of Helen of Troy and Genevieve, her past lives, which started since touching the River of Styx. These two women share the same appearance as Helen, as do Orion, Lucas and his family look like the gods. All the memories included Paris and Lancelot, and both look like Lucas. I loved the portrayal of the two different times—they are much different from the modern world we live in.

The writing style is elegant. The characters are stronger than before, especially Helen, who seemed wiser, took up more responsibilities, and evolved into a goddess. It was action-packed—more so than the first two instalments in the trilogy. It’s one of my very favourite books, along with Starcrossed and Dreamless. I want to re-read them all!

US cover (HarperTeen)

Josephine Angelini wrote such an enthralling, intricate, breathtaking, and unforgettable saga of love, hate, fate, and revenge.

Now that I’ve read Goddess, I am sad to see this amazing trilogy come to an end.

But…Josephine Angelini said in a Q&A that she hasn’t “really said goodbye just yet” to the Starcrossed world. She was thinking about “writing prequels to the series,” and to continue Helen and Lucas’ story in a few years. There was still a “few lingering issues to deal with that would make interesting storylines” at the end of Goddess.


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