Luke’s Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer Review


Hunter doesn’t have it easy—particularly since his grandfather is hostile toward him, the Merrick brothers assume he narked on them, and Calla is stirring up nothing but trouble for him. Also, the new girl, Kate, may be bold and funny, but she’s hiding her own secrets. Because of all this, Hunter feels he can’t trust anyone, but in order to prevent whatever Calla and others have planned, he has to find someone who he can trust.

The fact that no one trusts him—except for Casper, his dog—leads him to feel isolated. I felt empathy toward him for the entire story, and it’s because I can relate to him. I have felt isolated and I sometimes find it hard to trust people. In the story, it is vital for Hunter to learn how to trust others so he can stop the bad that’s about to happen.

I have to admit that Hunter has grown on me. In Storm, the first book in this series, I didn’t really like him—maybe because Chris Merrick, the narrator of Storm along with Becca, disliked him. Then in Spark, the second book, he was helping Gabriel Merrick, the narrator along with Layne, with saving people who got stuck in fires set by some arsonist, eventually becoming friends. Then when I read Spirit, Hunter’s story, my perspective on him changed. I understand his character better now.

BreathlessI felt lucky when I discovered a special novella at the back of the book. Breathless is about Nick Merrick, Gabriel’s twin brother. We get to know more about Nick. (I don’t want to be too specific on the plot.) The first two things you notice are his intelligence and kindness toward others—which made him my favourite character in the series. And from his perspective, you get to see his vulnerable side and hear his insecurities.  I can see why the fourth book will be called Secret (out January 28, 2014).

Both Spirit and Breathless deserve five-stars. They’re both well-written, with strong plots and believable characters, and definitely un-put-down-able. I’m very excited for the fourth book!


2 thoughts on “Luke’s Spirit by Brigid Kemmerer Review”

  1. Merricklicious review!! I feel the same way. I was not a big fan of Hunter in Storm, but he totally won me over in Spirit. Oh, and if you liked Breathless, Secret will totally blow you away!!

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