Weekend Adventuring

So, I’m a bookworm, my ideal weekend involves a lot of coffee and books. But I ventured beyond the City’s grey borders this weekend and did a little adventuring with one of my most favourite people. Below is a pictorial round up from Matakana (1.5 hours north of Auckland, New Zealand) and the surrounding area:

Adventuring weekend in 16 June

From top left: We began the day at the Matakana market – I found a big photo book of Audrey Hepburn’s life in a very cute, proper bookstore in Matakana. A view behind the market. I found a comfy chair. Some food I did not partake in (I don’t tend to be adventurous with my food, but I did impress my lovely fellow adventurer with tasting both a sausage and a pickle at the wine tasting). We then drove out to a local winery for a wine tasting – A deliciously coloured countryside. The platter that came after the wine tasting. A very fancy chair that I want! A view of the winery. And the sign for the (apparently) world famous Matakana market. (Is it world famous? Has anybody outside of New Zealand heard of it?)

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