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Excellent Articles in my Pocket

Time zooms by when you’re having fun, May is gone and it is midyear already! One of the ways I manage my hectic schedule is by putting articles aside into the Pocket application on my phone and tablet for later reading (like when I am waiting for my brothers after school).

Below are some of the articles I have saved, read and loved lately:

Writing Novels Teens Want To Read, by Diane Lee Wilson at

Diane Lee Wilson imparts some tips for writing for the teen audience amid the context of the faced paced, social media-driven world.

Creating your one page business plan and path to profit, by Natalie at suitcaseentrepreneur.comsuitcase entrepreneur

This is a great post to take you through the creation of a one page business plan, Natalie has many amazing resources and posts on her site.

Writing the Kind of Novel You Want To Write, by Lish McBride at

This writer talks about choosing the genre of your story and how sometimes what you write isn’t the type of the novel you envisioned you’d write.

12 Reasons I’m a Minimalist, by Dan Garner at

He presents 12 real reasons he is a minimalist. It’s a great post and I agree with his reasons.

Novelicious Chats To… Lucy Clark, by Debs Carr at novelicious.comTen books to read all about authors

This site has lots of great reviews and interviews with authors asking things like what is your writing day is like and what inspires them.

How to Push Your Characters to Their Limits,

This site has many excellent articles that I get delivered to my inbox in newsletters and I always send them to Pocket to read later.

The Greatest Books of All Time as Voted by 125 Famous, by Maria Popova at

I haven’t read all the books on their list, but including The Great Gatsby in the top ten works of the 20th century inclines me to read on. Anna Karenina is number one and Emma is number ten in the top ten works of the 19th century. Jane Austen is number four out of the top ten authors by number of books selected. I’m happy.

buffy summersHow Buffy Summers Made Me a Feminist, by a male reader at hellogiggles.comHello giggles

Articles like these are why I love Hello Giggles! Funny, irreverent and well written.


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