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The Legendary Hard To Find Secondhand Bookstore

Luke and I ventured out to find The Legendary Hard to Find Secondhand Bookstore today, and hidden in plain view on the main street of a small South Auckland suburb, we were duly rewarded.hard-to-find-bookshop-3

booklined stairsIt was like entering another world! We entered through a tiny door into what felt like a multi level cave of books! The far end was like a miniature of library stacks crammed with thousands of literary classics, the amount of Jane Austen books blew me away, if only they had held a copy of Pride and Prejudice in the first edition text.

This bookstore needs to become the setting for a book! Oh the things that could happen there! To one side there is a mezzanine, accessed by very steep stairs, packed with books on the history of different parts of the world and politics. On the other side, there is an equally steep staircase with a beautifully crafted handrail. There are books trailing the side of the stairs, so it is next to impossible to watch where you are going, which is problematic because it feels like you could fall through them at any moment.

But what is upstairs is truly worth the fearful trek! It was love at first sight! Rooms full of books! There was a room full of literary books: biographies of writers, short stories, plays, autobiographies of writers, collections of poetry. I very nearly purchased a biography about Audrey Hepburn, but alas, I had scarcely considered it when I was beckoned by Donne’s collected works.

I managed to walk away with only two books: The Watsons begun by Jane Austen before her death and finished by another and a short story anthology, Big Night Out 3, which includes Maggie Alderson, Candace Bushnell, Marian Keyes and many more.

Unfortunately, I can’t read them anytime soon because there are many books peering at me from their teetering stack beside my bed, beckoning me to read them every time I enter my room.


2 thoughts on “The Legendary Hard To Find Secondhand Bookstore”

  1. In my part of the world, it’s virtually impossible to find book stores like this. I have to entirely depend on online stores to get first/early editions 😦 Honestly, I’m jealous of you guys.

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