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Digital Sabbatical and Fun Links

The Host – Movie Tie-in

After a few challenging weeks, it seemed like a good time to declare a time out. So…I am going to refuel my dwindling energy tank and ignore the internet for the weekend. Before I sign off, turn the connections off on the cell phone, and relax, I thought I would send a few fun links of articles I have come across this week:

We are finally going to see The Host, so this interview with the author might interest you.

This interview with Jodi Picoult is a good five-minute read.

What Being a Writer Taught Me—a post about the author-entrepreneur.

I am currently zooming through The Secret Circle: The Temptation, but not before finishing and reviewing The Indigo SpellThese are nice reprieves from the heavier non-fiction books I’m reading at the moment.

Ten Books…All About Writers on

Whatever you have to do this weekend, try to schedule some fun activities that refuel your tank, and then Monday will be exciting rather than dreaded.

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