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Melissa’s Favourite Ten Authors

Note: Not in exact order. Except for Jane Austen, of course. 🙂

1. Jane Austen

Must re-read every year!

Pride and Prejudice

Six truly classic novels that can be for any mood or stage, incisive and witty, and insightful.

2. Jodi Picoult

Will follow her anywhere!

Lone Wolf

Around twenty novels of all different subject matters, all treated with equal tenderness, intelligence, and insight.

3. Belinda Alexandra

Favourite historical novels set in the war period!

Golden EarringsBeautiful, sweeping tales from a range of different contexts  experiencing the war, i.e. China, Russia, Australia, France, Italy, etc.

 4. Cecelia Ahern

Like a pair of warm, fluffy socks!

If You Could See Me Now

Cute novels to slip into for a comfortable read with a dash of the magical.

5. Elizabeth Gaskell

Favourite classic novels with a thread of social justice!

North and South

After the fashion of Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell provides lively heroines who you fall in love with.

6. F. Scott Fitzgerald

Best of the flapper era!

The Great Gatsby

Delicious insights into a unique time and place in history.

7. Cassandra Clare

The best written young adult series!

City of Bones

A well-constructed world incorporating humans, shadowhunters, vampires, warlocks, faeries, and the New York landscape.

8. Kate Morton

Favourite find of 2012!

The Forgotten Garden

Beautifully written and crafted, epic stories that span generations and continents.

9. Brigid Kemmerer

Four hottest fictional guys!

StormAn electrifying series with several protagonists you will fall in love with, I am desperate to read the next third book in the series.

10. Richelle Mead

Most addictive plot!

Vampire AcademyA compulsive series that even on second reading you must devour.


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