Gone Reading – A New Way of Working: The Experiment

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Nobody wants to spend 40-50 hours of their life per week working, right? I read some research the other day that suggested that only around 20% of those working would choose to, even if they didn’t have to.

For a couple of years now I have been watching the large and ever-growing blog world of simplicity and minimalism and I like the general idea. I particularly like those bloggers who pursue minimalism because they would prefer to spend more of their time doing things that they love, rather than just wanting to save a heap of money.

The world is slowly catching up to this work/life balance idea. I believe that:

  • If more people work part-time, there should be more jobs available
  • If you only work part-time hours, it is easier to stay passionate about your job
  • Part-timers are more productive (there is research about this!)

After two years of working three-quarter time as an experiment, I have downshifted again. I have taken on a contract to work 25 hours per week, doing something I love while still contributing to the social good. It is very exciting!

In order to do this I must surrender my long held love of structure and assurance. I must be willing to take the jump and hope that I have covered all of my bases – though, never in my life will I leave myself without the means to take my car to the garage or my dog to the vet (these are my responsibilities).

However, I don’t just lounge around in my extra time. I utilise it to do the things I have always wanted to do, I have a life list (like a bucket list) and a year list (things I want to achieve in the year). I also spend plenty of time with family and my dog.

Some of my 2013 goals include:

  • Starting this blog
  • My new job (I ended last year redundant and began this year only working half time)
  • Go to Christchurch and write an article about it
  • Read 100 books (and read more diversely)
  • Finish my magazine journalism course (which I have done)
  • Complete and submit a short story to a competition
  • Incorporate more organic and local produce in my eating

There are some little ones in addition to this that I add and tick off regularly – particularly around health, fitness and wellbeing. The point is that I have goals and work towards things in the time I have created for myself, which happens to make me a productive, passionate worker.

What would you do if you had more time?


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