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In Time Review

In TimeWe saw In Time recently and it really resonated with me: the lesson in human nature. There will always be selfish, greedy people to extort the system. But there will always be those who give, despite how much it costs.

This movie had such an amazing cast. I’d love to see Justin Timberlake in another role; he’s shed that boy band image in my mind. Amanda Seyfried was astounding; this is my favourite of her roles. Vincent Kartheiser (who I’d previously seen in Angel) was remarkably good at conveying an older man in a young man’s body.

Alex Pettifer as a bad guy doesn’t do it for me, but it doesn’t mean he wasn’t good at it. (Sorry, you’ll always be Four.) The last honorable mention goes to Olivia Wilde; it shocked me when it was revealed she was Will’s (Timberlake) mum, but she is stunning! I was heartbroken when she wasn’t allowed on the bus and attempted to run to her son.

The premise, living on time rather than money, made me question some priorities. Imagine giving four minutes of your life for every coffee! I’d lose half an hour a week, two hours a month, 24 hours a year—a day a year to coffee!

But when you think about it, you do, just not directly. The time you had to spend working translates your time to dollars. Spending 1.25 hours a week on coffee seems insane! If I had only had one year left, that’d feel extreme.

Will’s kindness also resonated with me, giving such a high proportion of his time away when no one else does. The downtrodden in area 12 don’t have any to spare and the wealthy don’t see the “ghetto” where people die over limited bus fare while they have a (spare) million years secured in a vault. This is particularly pertinent to me at the moment, because I have read an article about research demonstrating that poor people give more than the rich, “the wealthiest Americans donate 1.3 percent of their income; the poorest, 3.2 percent”.  (I could write a whole post about how we should be celebrating these people, rather than giving magazine and newspaper coverage to those who give an amount that is hardly noticeable to them.)


About an hour into the movie I realised it was a stand-alone movie and they couldn’t save the world in the remaining time, so I adored it ending positively but not resolved. This film was equal proportions thought provoking, action-packed and hot.

P.S. I prefer my Johnny Galecki more Leonard-y!


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