Luke’s Unravelling Review

UK cover
US cover

Unravelling has all the components to make it one of my favourites. It is well written—I’ve always loved first person, present tense, and it allowed me to experience Janelle’s emotional turmoil—especially at the end. It has well-developed characters—Janelle, the protagonist, is one funny, strong, and smart girl. It has a strong plot—beginning with the protagonist dying and being revived, and then is concerned with saving the world, and discovering Ben Michaels, her saviour’s, secret.

Plus, there’s a sequel, Unbreakable, to look forward to, which is released in April 23rd 2013 in the US and June 6th 2013 in the UK. Also, I’m excited that Unravelling has been optioned to be made into a movie by MTV. Pittacus Lore (author of I Am Number Four) was so right to say it was gripping. I owe all my gratitude to Elizabeth Norris, for telling us Janelle’s story. Thank you!


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