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On Parties

I went to an engagement party this weekend. I straightened my hair and everything, which is why I now have a photo in my About page.

Image from
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It was a beautiful, outdoor, afternoon tea for a gathering of 100. I went because I quite like the bride-to-be. For a couple of hours, I enjoyed small talk, a few fancy snacks and a big catch up with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages. It was fabulous, for me.

I have organised many big events in my work-life and I can tell you that they are stressful, there is plenty to do and the work doesn’t end when you get the people to the event.

But it got me to thinking. If I were to get off my behind and re-enter the (scary) world of dating in search of a Mr Fancy Nerd—how many people would I want to feed in order to celebrate our engagement?

I would certainly only want to feed those I’d be able to spend a good hour or so chatting and laughing with, so that’d be about 15.

Maybe I’m quirky that way, but, for me, the whole wedding process is about the marriage—the joining of two lives. A pretty (probably of the light pink persuasion)  dress, a glass of champagne, a Devonshire scone and my closest family and friends are all I desire to celebrate a fancy new husband. Isn’t the prize the bit after the day? Shouldn’t you save your money for that?

There are too many good books to be reading to be planning and attending several events that seem to be more for the pleasure of the guests!


1 thought on “On Parties”

  1. If I could do the whole event again, I would simplify significantly. But, in the moment many years ago, wanting to shout about love to the world, I was happy to have many, many people join in our celebration. 🙂

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