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Blog Love

I have been meditating on my online travels lately and, as a result, I have created a new page “blog love” where I have begun a list of websites that I regularly read, check out their Facebook page and/or receive emails.

Given the hours I must sit at the computer for work, I am careful about my online time. So I only subscribe to websites I really love. I ‘like’ a lot more pages through Facebook and click through at my own leisure. There are some high quality blogs/websites/online magazines out there just waiting to be found. The world of reading is being wholly revolutionised before our eyes!

Below are three sites I can’t get enough of at the moment:


Today, I found Autumn Reeser’s online magazine, Move LifeStyle, and I am in love! It is a beautiful site with great articles. One of the first posts I saw was “My Love of Coffee”, so I was hooked.


Your Zen Life is a cute, girlie, wellbeing site run by Phoebe Tonkin and Teresa Palmer . I only found this recently and it has become a fast favourite.

Hello giggles

Hello Giggles is a gorgeous, off-centre site founded by Zooey Deschanel and friends, that has long been a favourite.

Are there any websites that you can’t get enough of?


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