On The Term “Nerd”

coop the nerdy dogI started Confessions of a Fancy Nerd for three main reasons:

  • Most of my waking thoughts are consumed with either reading, writing or TV series/movies
  • I wanted to join the world of people sharing their writing in online communities
  • I wanted to develop my writing skills

My mind is full: Of the books I am reading, want to read or have read; ideas that I am writing, want to write or have written; and TV series or movies I have seen, want to see or am currently watching. Confessions of a Fancy Nerd has added to this already full agenda of thinking—posts I want to write about what I am reading/writing/watching/thinking, posts I have written (and if anyone will like them) and many ideas for other writing related projects.

These things are so embedded in my life that it has become a part of my identity, hence the “fancy nerd” title. Nerd can mean two things (according to the Encarta Dictionary), the first is a putdown but the second is one I ascribe to:

“Single-minded enthusiast: Somebody who is considered to be excessively interested in a subject of activity that is regarded as too technical or scientific.”

I have no interest in the too technical nor the scientific but I would like to see the term “nerd” first described as this second definition. I would like people who would usually be putdown for their excessive interests, physical appearance or social skills, celebrated. If more people had a passion that they pursued, would there be less room for bullying? Would there be less room for youth crime (the bored teenager kind)? Would happiness rates increase? I think so.

I imagine the term “fancy” to bring the tone up, that a “fancy nerd” would be a person who has an interest in which they are intensely passionate about and are proud of this.

A defining trait of people with Asperger’s Syndrome is an all-consuming interest. Something that the person with Asperger’s is fascinated by and will talk about non-stop. I’d say that they are on the right track. That they have been ahead of us their whole lives, that we have something to learn from them.

All right, this Fancy Nerd is off to bury her nose in a book.


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